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Water Damage Repair

water damage

iPad water damage is one of the most common repairs we see at iPad Repair Philly. Trying to capture the perfect shot of the ocean? Standing poolside with your friends?

Odds are that your iPad was quickly dropped in the water and now that picture along with everything else on your tablet is in danger. Don’t take chances with home remedies like putting your tablet in a bowl of rice or take a blow dryer to the lightning port. Schedule a repair with us and make sure your iPad is properly analyzed and repaired if necessary.

Instead of hoping for your iPad to dry out on its own or trying your hand at one of the aforementioned home remedies, abide to the follow instructions.

If you want to find out if your iPad needs to be repaired before coming into our shop, first, turn your iPad off and keep it off. By repeatedly trying to restart your phone you run the risk of short circuiting the logic board of your iPad, only costing yourself more money in the long run. Next check too see the extent of the water damage. iPads have Liquid Contact Indicators, known as LCI’s, to indicate if you tablet came in contact with any sort of liquid. Most iPads have 2 LCI’s, the first located deep in the audio jack and the second located in the docking port. You should use a flashlight in order to properly identify and see these LCI’s.

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