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Cracked Screen & LCD Repair

No need to panic

We’ve all been here, luckily iPad Repair Philly has gotten the repair for a cracked screen or an LCD down to a science. We offer comprehensive diagnosis on your phone to see the extent of the damage caused by dropping it.

Cracked Screen: Glass vs. LCD

Use the glass to view and operate your phone’s screen and the LCD’s primary function is your phones quality of display and touch-responsiveness.
Too check for damage, the LCD will display some of the following symptoms:


  • New or out-of-place lines/patterns showing up on the display
  • Discolored or blurred spots on the display
  • A totally black screen
  • Slow or incorrect touch responsiveness

Call Us

If you have any questions or concerns then please just give us a call. We would be happy to explain our repair services and give you a quote on fixing your tablet, but we also fix smartphones, iPhones and most iOS devices. We mostly focus on screen + LCD repairs. The price depends on the device, damage, and level of quality.

cracked screen

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